Cornwall on 35mm film

A week in Cornwall with 35mm film cameras, there's a certain nostalgia you get from film that keeps me wanting to shoot more. From sunsets on the beach to exploring the dramatic coast line Cornwall has to offer, here are some of the photos I took.

A 1962 Mercedes 190sl parked on the beach, with the sunsetting and the golden light hitting the car I couldn't resist a few photos.

I love how timeles Kodak Gold makes these scenes feel

People enjoying Perranporth's rock pool during blue hour

Walking the Bech at sunset, I spotted this couple strolling back from a surf. I quickly reached for my Voigtlander camera to frame them between the two rocks.

Kynace Cove on summers day

Man eats ice cream

This child standing on the dunes during golden hour

Sunsets on the beach

Open surf shop and cafe provided some flat white goodness

This has to be one of my favourite photos of the trip, after a bbq at Holywell bay, I walked along the beach. In the distance I spotted two children looking out to sea, there's something about this simple photo that I really like.



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